What Are The Most Popular Floor Mattress Types?

Last Updated on March 11, 2022

A floor mattress can easily be called a fundamental object in a household for various reasons. For starters, it’s a great accommodation option for guests and family that come to visit. But it can also be a cosy and comfy bed during camping trips or a space-saving alternative to the large bed frames.

There are numerous models of floor mattresses, which often makes shopping challenging in today’s market. However, finding the right option doesn’t have to be a headache, as we are here to help. We’ve researched, tested, and reviewed the different floor mattress types so that you can make a well-informed decision.

What floor mattress types are there?

Essentially, every mattress can be put on a floor and slept on, but only specific types of mattresses are suitable for sleeping on the floor. They are specifically designed to be laid on the floor and typically aren’t compatible with any bed frame or base.

They are constantly used to save space in small rooms and apartments, as you can store them away with ease after they’ve been used. Their ultimate purpose is to make sleeping on the floor more comfortable and bearable. That’s why in today’s article, we discuss the different types and why are they the right fit for your personal needs. So, let’s get started!

What floor mattress types are there?

Generally, most floor mattresses sold nowadays fall into one of two categories. Those categories were generated on how they are stored and are the following:

Foldable floor mattresses

This type of mattress folds easily which allow it to be stacked for storing. Usually, they will either have a bi-fold, with one crease and a surface that folds in half or tri-fold with two creases and a body that folds into thirds. However, those creases can be an issue for people that have problems falling asleep.

Rollable floor mattresses

The other option is the rollable mattress, which tends to be thinner than the one above. That’s so you can easily roll it into a cylindrical shape. They will often have built-on tie straps or a portable overnight bag to fit it for easy storage.

Finally, you can also rest any mattress directly on the floor. Many people do this right when they move into a new home until they can set up their sleeping space/ bedroom. Regardless, this doesn’t mean they were intended to be used directly on the floor.

With that said, some individuals would prefer to keep their mattresses on the floor permanently. And truth be told, most will perform just fine on the floor.

But most traditional mattresses specify what foundation must be used with their product to keep it covered under warranty, so if you don’t want your guarantee voided, this isn’t an option. Additionally, you want to choose a relatively breathable mattress since the bottom won’t have any air circulation. 

So long as your choice is breathable and you don’t care about the warranty, you can place any mattress on the ground. But remember that moisture can build up underneath it, which is something you are trying to avoid.

That’s why the LightSleeper’s team recommends you stick to either foldable or rolling options for your floor.

Bottom line

Floor mattresses are a versatile tool used to make unexpected guests, travel and camping more comfortable by creating extra sleeping space without the need of a guest room. There is an option fit for you no matter your needs, and it doesn’t matter if it’s a foldable or rollable one. You can even see some of the best floor mattresses on the market here.

We hope we were able to answer the how and why when it comes down to ‘What floor mattress types are there?’ and now it’s our turn to hear from you if any questions regarding the subject were left unanswered. If you want to share some information, we would gladly hear about it in the comments below.

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