Is a firm or soft mattress better for hip pain?

Last Updated on March 23, 2022

When an area of your back or hips isn’t adequately supported, the muscles have to work much harder to try and keep everything in its right place – resulting in you waking up with them tired, cramped up and in pain. This can often originate from improper mattress support – but it can go further.

What we mean by that is that if your mattress isn’t providing you comfort, you may find yourself tossing and turning more often. Which will once again ensure your muscles have to work twice as hard to provide you with a comfortable sleeping position.

Here at LightSleeper, we consider mattresses the ultimate safe space. However, if they can’t provide you with comfort or support, your safe heaven will quickly become a nightmare. An old mattress can develop dips, lumps, dives and uneven springs, leading to poor alignment and body aches.

So, if you are finally ready to leave your old bed behind and get a new one, you are at the right place, especially if you are someone that’s struggling with hip discomfort. 

When choosing a new mattress, one of the first things to consider is the firmness level, and that shouldn’t be any different for people with body pains. So, if you are wondering if a firm or soft mattress is better for hip pain, continue reading to learn more on the matter.

Is a firm or soft mattress better for hip pain?

Is a firm or soft mattress better for hip pain?

Many individuals love the idea of sinking deep into a soft, plush pile of fluffy bedding, in which you can envelop yourselves into a cacoon of marshmallow comfort. Truth be told, this isn’t always ideal because a softer bed doesn’t necessarily guarantee a night of better sleep.

Generally speaking, a softer mattress will allow pressure points to dip, which can lead to extra pressure on your spine and hip joints. While this won’t be as big of an issue for those who don’t suffer from preexisting problems, it can wear down on the body over time, making it even worse for people that already have hip pains and other body aches. 

However, a too firm of a mattress won’t work well for those with preexisting body aches either, as it might put too much pressure on your joints. 

When you’re looking for your next mattress, you’ll want to stick to the middle when it comes down to comfort grade, but there are other factors you should consider if you need pressure relief due to your hip pain.

A supportive mattress will help maintain healthy spinal alignment. Overall, a bed should keep your spine in a similar posture to how it would be if you were standing straight. Another factor to consider is that mattresses are prone to sagging. Some are better than others, but options such as innerspring or hybrids can have their support compromised as they wear out. with time 

A pressure-relieving bed is essential to soothe your chronic pain. Because when pressure builds up in your joints, it can cause or worsen the pain. 

The best mattresses for hip pain are usually memory foam or latex made as they are excellent at relieving pressure.

All sleepers should look for and want a quality and durable mattress. You can gauge its expected lifespan from the materials used in its creation, as natural latex and memory foam mattresses typically last eight or more years.

Bottom line

A soft mattress is generally better at relieving hip pain, whereas a firm one puts too much pressure. However, a softer choice allows for some sinkage, providing pressure relief in sensitive areas.

Your best bet will be to go with something in between (medium to medium-firm) so that you can get the best of both worlds.

We hope we were able to answer the how and why when it comes down to ‘Is a firm or soft mattress better for hip pain?’, and now it’s our turn to hear from you if any questions regarding the subject were left unanswered. If you want to share some information, we would gladly hear about it in the comments below.

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