What type of mattress is ideal for couples?

Last Updated on February 2, 2022

Finding a mattress just for yourself can be complicated and challenging, but buying one for two people takes on another degree of difficulty. Every person has their individual needs and preferences, and couples need to find a bed that has something to offer for both people.

Yes, other aspects of mattress performance, such as isolating motion, limiting noise, and facilitating sex, tend to be crucial for couples. But, understanding your priorities is essential, which is why in today’s guide, we’ll be talking about what type of mattress is ideal for couples and which one isn’t.

What type of mattress is ideal for couples?

What type of mattress is best for couples?

A good starting point in your decision-making is for each individual to identify their ‘must-haves’ in a new bed. These personal preferences should account for each person’s body weight/body type, sleeping position, and preferred firmness.

After both parties have made their list, it’s time to compare them and see how much they coincide. If the differences are significant, it’s necessary to discuss which priorities are most important and where the other person is open to compromise.

If you don’t know what to look for and where to start, it’s easy to get confused or overwhelmed. When it comes to couples specifically, three main attributes are of utmost importance: motion isolation, ease of movement, and firmness level.

However, for you to know which option will work best, you have to be familiar with the different types of mattresses for couples on the market. There are five common types, and we will try and talk you through all the benefits and downsides that come with each one.


As the name implies, these are products entirely constructed from foam, and they can be memory, polyfoam or another option. They never include an innerspring layer but are considered the best at motion isolation. For example, memory foam mattresses compress our bodies only where weight is applied, which is why you won’t feel your partner tossing and turning at night.


Latex mattresses are mainly constructed of the mentioned material and can either be natural or synthetic. This type is very responsive and keeps your body cool while cushioning it. Therefore, it’s a leading option for couples that want to move easily without disturbing each other.

Pocket Sprung

This type has a coil-based system and a great bounce, but some may consider it old fashioned. Usually, pocket sprung mattresses have a lower price tag compared to foam or hybrid, but they will still provide some motion isolation or pressure relief for you and your loved one.


Hybrid mattresses have a two-part construction, which typically consists of innerspring coils and a comfort layer made from foam, polyfoam, micro-coils, latex, polyester, wool, or cotton materials. Hybrids can be a great compromise for couples because of the different materials and support they provide.


Lastly, we have airbeds, and their support comes from their air chambers. The amount of air can be adjusted, which means so can the firmness and comfort level. Because of those separate chambers on each side, it can be a desired choice since you get a different firmness feel, making it a straightforward solution. However, you should really think if you are willing to sleep on an air mattress every night.

Specific mattress type for couples

Every mattress caters to different types of sleepers. The most suitable one for you and your partner could differ considerably from another couple. Overall, some mattress types perform better than others in certain areas when you have a partner, such as motion isolation, ease of movement, and sex.

If you and your loved one often wake each other up when changing positions or getting in and out of bed, then motion isolation should be a top priority.

Options with good motion isolation will absorb your movements and prevent them from transferring across the entire sleeping surface. Typically, memory foam mattresses and hybrids with thick foam layers provide excellent motion isolation. 

In comparison, traditional innerspring products and latex beds tend to cause substantial motion transfer. The opposite is usually true when it comes to ease of movement and sex. 

Beds that feel exceptionally responsive and springy are generally the easiest to move across without sinking excessively. 

There are other factors to consider, like if you reside in a warm or humid area, you might want to get an option that contains breathable components and doesn’t trap too much heat. Or if you or your partner feel achy after waking up, finding a product that contours around the spine to alleviate pressure may be the way to go.

Bottom line

Every couple should browse various brands and models to learn more about different mattress options. 

Among many couples, a popular choice is memory foam mattresses, as they provide good levels of motion isolation and noise reduction. Innerspring mattresses tend to be more firm, offering ample durability and support, suitable for sexually active couples. And latex beds often appeal to couples due to the good ease of movement they provide and the cooler feel with reduced motion transfer.

You need to understand that the type of bed you choose should be based on your needs and personal preferences. You can also take a look of what we think are the best mattresses for couples in the UK.

We hope we were able to answer the how and why when it comes down to ‘What type of mattress is ideal for couples?’ and now it’s our turn to hear from you if any questions regarding the subject were left unanswered. If you want to share some information, we would gladly hear about it in the comments below.

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