TEMPUR ONE SmartCool Mattress – 6’0 Super King


TEMPUR ONE SmartCool Mattress – 6’0 Super King


Introducing the Dreams TEMPUR® ONE Mattress Рa premium sleep solution for ultimate comfort and support. Choose from soft, medium, or firm comfort grades to find your perfect match. The Smart Cool cover reduces heat throughout the night, keeping you cool and comfortable as you drift off into restful slumber.

Crafted with NASA-inspired technology, this 20cm deep mattress adapts to your body’s weight and warmth, providing targeted support in any sleep position. The TEMPUR¬Æ ONE also absorbs motion from your sleep partner, ensuring uninterrupted rest for both of you.

Experience the refreshing Smart Cool collection with our innovative cover that absorbs excess heat, maintaining an optimum temperature throughout the night. Enjoy a cool-to-the-touch sleep surface and wake up feeling revitalized.

Made from world-renowned TEMPUR material, this mattress offers exceptional pressure relief for unparalleled comfort. For more information on complementing your new mattress with our range of bed frames or how to care for your memory foam mattress, visit us today.

Sleep soundly, knowing you’re protected by our 10-year guarantee, and take advantage of our 100-Night Comfort Guarantee – if it’s not right for you, exchange it hassle-free. For added peace of mind, consider the Bedcover Service Plan to protect your investment with up to 8 years of coverage.

Discover the perfect sleep solution with Dreams TEMPUR ONE Mattress and experience the difference.

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