Best Anti-Snore Pillows UK

Snoring can affect both the snorer and their partner’s sleep. The familiar noise may be caused by inflammation, gravity affecting the soft tissues, and other factors. There isn’t a reliable cure for snoring, but some adjustments …

best anti-snore pillow

Snoring can affect both the snorer and their partner’s sleep. The familiar noise may be caused by inflammation, gravity affecting the soft tissues, and other factors. There isn’t a reliable cure for snoring, but some adjustments may reduce it. 

Buying a pillow for snoring is one of the first ways you can try to find relief because most are suitable for all sleeping positions and come with an affordable price tag. For many people, this issue can be affected by their sleep position.

But how can you choose a quality pillow to reduce snoring that fits the bill and checks all the boxes? There are many brands and models on the market – from high-quality products from reputable companies to cheap Chinese knockoffs that we wouldn’t recommend to our worst enemy.

That’s why we created LightSleeper – to help you choose the product that is right for you and you alone and help you make that choice along the way. Companies can never pay to feature their products on LightSleeper, nor we are getting paid to recommend one product over the other – we are an independent resource, and we only recommend products that have passed our tests, and we feel that they are the best in their category.

We tested over 35 different pillows that claim to help people who snore – and not all were great. Some were just regular pillows claiming to have some fictional anti-snore properties. Others, however, managed to severely reduce snoring episodes during our test trials.

So let’s see what we think are the best anti-snore pillows in the UK today and why:

1. Kally Sleep Anti Snore Pillow – Our Pick

Kally Sleep Anti Snore Pillow

First on our list is the Kally anti-snore pillow which easily won the Editor’s pick in this category. Kally has an ergonomically shaped S-shaped foam core that encourages deep, quieter sleep while supporting the head and neck, opening the airways for improved breathing. It is highly recommended by sleep experts and it was tested by The British Sleep Apnoea Association for reducing snoring frequency and volume by approximately 60%.

It’s made from hollow fibre filling with a soft and breathable polycotton cover. It is also anti-allergy treated to protect against bacteria, dust mites and allergens.

It can be purchased in one size only 70 x 40cm, with a firmness of 6 out of 10 (1 being the softest and 10 the firmest). Many people have even called it a marriage saver – no more the need for the old tennis ball trick that can cause a lot of discomfort! The pillow comes with a 14-day sleep trial period and free delivery on all orders over £39.

Overall, the Kally Sleep snore relief pillow can be suitable for most back and side sleepers, it is anti-allergic, and its ergonomic design will adequately support your head and neck.

2. Panda Bamboo Memory Foam

Panda Bamboo Memory Foam

Next, we want to introduce you to the Panda Luxury Pillow. Panda is a company that uses bamboo fibres along with their memory foam pillows, which is a sustainable resource and is one of the world’s fastest and most densely growing plants, making it environmentally friendly.

Every used material is tested to ensure the absence of any harmful chemicals. Panda is a REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and restriction of Chemicals) certified product and it comes with three unique layers.

The centre layer is Visco memory foam, which orthopaedic experts and doctors highly recommend. Next, we have a protective mesh layer that keeps your memory foam centre clean. Lastly, we have a plush bamboo pillowcase, which works great by helping against skin irritation and allergies, and allergies can be the cause of snoring!

Panda’s pillowcase keeps the air flowing and is highly breathable. Thus the unique temperature control system keeps us cool and comfortable. It’s also easily removable and machine washable. Unlike most, the Panda comes with a 30-day trial period, where you can try and test it. You also get free delivery and a 10-year guarantee that furthermore suggest a company that stands behind its products.

3. Silentnight Anti Snore Pillow

Silentnight Anti Snore Pillow

Silentnight is one of the largest manufacturers in the bedding industry n the UK, and they’ve come up with an affordable anti-snore pillow, which can be beneficial for many. This soft pillow is also tested by the British Snoring & Sleep Apnoea Association, which found the pillow reduced snoring frequency and volume by approximately 50%.

It comes in one standard size (74 x 45cm), and it’s made from an ergonomically designed foam core that is surrounded by soft and comfortable hollow fibre encased in smooth polycotton, which is soft and breathable.

Silentnight’s hypo-allergenic pillow offers medium firmness support and is suitable for back and side sleepers. It can help reduce snoring by supporting your head and neck to encourage improved breathing and better sleep quality.

This Silentnight item has a two-year manufacturer’s warranty, a 60-night comfort exchange period and free delivery in the UK.

4. Supportiback Snore Relief

Supportiback Snore Relief

We have the Supportiback Hypoallergenic Snore Relief pillow as our other budget-friendly alternative. Doctors designed it to keep your head and spine properly aligned while you sleep, combating stiffness, headaches, and all types of back problems.

This Supportiback product comes with a Cooling FreshTouch cover, a Silver-Bac antibacterial thread underneath, an Egro-Bounce accelerated recovery layer and a Supportive CURALIGN structure. It uses 99.75% plant-based shredded memory foam, so you don’t have to worry about any cheap offcuts.

Supportiback pillows undergo strict, third-party lab testing and are all CertiPUR and GREENGUARD Gold certified, meaning no toxic chemicals are used, further ensuring safety and quality. It has a unique adjustable design that allows you to access the memory foam and add or remove filling to suit your size, shape, and sleeping position. This budget pillow comes with a 100-night trial period and a 5-year guarantee.

Overall, the Supportiback Hypoallergenic Snore Relief pillow is one of the most highly recommended products for snorers on the market. It’s adjustable, chemical-free, and with a lower price tag that can aid you with your snoring issues.

5. Slumberdown Anti Snore

SlumberDown Anti Snore Pillow

Last but not least, we have a Slumberdown model. It is designed with an S-shaped inner foam core that helps encourage better breathing whilst gently supporting your head and neck, so you can get a good night’s sleep without disturbing your partner.

Slumberdown’s pillow offers firmer support for your head while keeping your spine straight. It can be purchased in a 51 x 66cm size. The high-quality foam is encased in a soft and breathable cotton cover, perfect for people that sleep hot at night.

Slumberdown is made in the UK and the pillows are hypo-allergenic. Their construction is best suited for back sleepers.

How to choose an anti-snore pillow?

How to choose an anti-snore pillow?

Many companies advertise that they make pillows that are ideal for all sleeping positions. However, they aren’t optimal for everyone since personal needs and preferences may vary. With specific aspects of the pillow’s design in mind, you can find the right snoring pillow for you. Here is what you need to consider:


Multiple pillow shapes can be used as anti-snoring ones, which will depend on an individual’s sleeping position and personal preferences. Some people prefer standard rectangular bed pillows, while others prefer wedge pillows or other contoured designs.

For example, a wedge pillow aims to reduce the chance of gravity by forcing the soft tissues of the airway to compress by elevating the entire upper body. In comparison, ergonomic pillows are designed to offer proper alignment and could limit snoring for some people as well.


Selecting a model constructed of high-quality materials can have a significant effect on your sleep experience. If a quality anti-snoring pillow is likely to be more effective, feel more comfortable, and/or last longer, then it may be worth spending a little more and avoiding the lower-quality models. 

Snoring can be related to an allergy, which is why you have to be cautious with your material choice if you suffer from any allergies since it can cause allergic reactions and contribute to your snoring.

Firmness Level

The pillow’s firmness can affect the support and comfort it offers to an individual. Firmer pillows might be beneficial for some and uncomfortable for others, just like softer ones can be both good and bad for some people.

In general, a firmer pillow is better suited for heavier individuals who need extra support to keep their necks aligned. At the same time, a smaller sleeper will most likely love a softer item. When you’re choosing the firmness of your pillow, you should also consider your sleeping position. For example, back and side sleepers often need a pillow on the firmer side, whereas stomach sleepers don’t need them to be as firm or thick. 

Sleeping Position

Your sleep position can affect comfort, alignment, and snoring. Generally speaking, if you allow your head position to slump or force it upward, it will cause more pressure on the airway, which may trigger snoring. That’s why this issue is quite common with back sleepers. If you are one, we recommend using a wedge pillow for additional elevation and neck pain prevention in order to achieve a correct position. 


Support can play a huge role in snoring prevention since your neck may bend if the pillow goes flat under your head. Similarly, if the pillow is too supportive, it may put pressure on the soft tissues, making it harder for you to get a restful sleep. 

It can be challenging to find the right level of support since it depends on several variables such as sleep position, shoulder depth, and more. 


The correct pillow loft can help with snoring, but it is crucial to healthy spinal alignment. You don’t want a product that’s too thick or too thin since both can contribute to airway constriction in your nasal passages and increased snoring. You may also need a nasal dilator if things take turn for the worse.

Overall, the loft of a pillow should be determined by your sleeping position. If you are a heavier individual, you will typically need a thicker pillow to fill the space between the mattress and your head and neck. If you are smaller, chances are you need a thinner model for support that won’t come with an excessive lift.

Temperature Regulation

Many experts believe sleeping in a cooler room reduces snoring. If you find a pillow that regulates temperatures well, you can reduce the person’s likelihood of overheating. If you’re a hot sleeper, you should take a looking at our guide on the Top cooling pillows on the market today. 

Bottom line

When the airway is narrowed, parts of the mouth and throat vibrate, which causes people to snore. That can be a sign of underlying health problems, but a person may snore because of allergies, alcohol consumption, or their sleeping position. It’s easier for air to flow through the throat and into the lungs if the head and neck are placed in a way that opens the airway, which can be done by using a proper pillow underneath your head. 

All of the products we listed above have great customer reviews and are well received. We hope you could find what you were looking for in our guide regarding the best anti-snore pillow the market has to offer. To simplify your shopping experience, we’ve selected the top anti-snoring pillows for this year.

Brands in the bedding industry frequently change, and so do the products they offer, which is why we will continue to provide you with the most up to par information. We hope that this article was helpful, and you could find what you are looking for. Alternatively, you can check out our best UK pillows guide as well.

Now it’s our turn to hear from you if any questions regarding the subject were left unanswered. If you want to share some information, we would gladly hear about it in the comments below.