Electric Blanket Benefits

Electric blankets are what you need so that your bed is warm and cosy when you go to bed. They can be laid under or on top of the sheets and are typically connected to …

Electric blanket benefits

Electric blankets are what you need so that your bed is warm and cosy when you go to bed. They can be laid under or on top of the sheets and are typically connected to electricity to provide the bed with the desired level of heating.

Their job is to protect your body from sudden heat changes, especially in cold weather when your home might not be heated. Electric blankets help your body stay warm, which is incredibly beneficial because if your bed is cold, your body will need extra energy to warm your bed, and that means a longer time for you to fall asleep.

For years there has been a stereotype that electric blankets aren’t safe, but today there are numerous modern options with multiple heat features and overheat protection settings that will keep you and your loved ones safe and cosy. Here are some of the most common benefits:

Electric blanket benefits

What are the benefits electric blankets can offer?

When the colder months start to approach (or during any season), it might be hard to find the perfect temperature while we’re sleeping. Wearing extra clothing can be uncomfortable or restrictive, while the home heating system might be too expensive to run 24/7.

That’s where a heated blanket can help alleviate the issue of temperature while offering many benefits such as:

Save money on heating

In the last few years, the improvements and upgrades to electric blanket design and engineering are significant and way more efficient than they ever have been in the past. That way, they are often used as a single heat source, which is a fraction of the overall cost of your regular central heating bill. You can see our electric blankets’ power usage statistics here.

They are way more cost-effective since they warm up the bed you’re sleeping in and not the entire bedroom. With this benefit, you can save a lot of money on your electric bill and purchase even higher-quality bedding.

Signals to your body it’s time for sleep

The circadian rhythm is your body’s internal clock that determines when it’s the right time to go to sleep and when it’s time to be awake. The circadian rhythm can be influenced by several factors such as the amount of physical activity one person does, their eating habits and whether it’s dark or light outside.

A person’s circadian rhythm can get disrupted if the temperature in your room fluctuates a lot throughout the night, making it harder for people to fall asleep or stay that way. Whereas with an electric blanket, your body will be kept at a consistent temperature throughout the night.

In general, this type of blanket promotes a healthier sleeping pattern that aids your body in falling into blissful slumber.

Electric blankets help you sleep better

Helps you sleep better

Another benefit of electric blankets is the fact that they help you better your sleep cycle once you are asleep. There are five different stages of sleep that everyone goes through naturally for a night, known as one REM (Rapid eye movement sleep)cycle and three NREM (non REM) cycles.

Temperature changes can often disrupt your sleep and cause you to be pulled from the deep sleep stage, which means you would have slept enough hours, but with receiving the quality of sleep, you need.

But as mentioned above, you can keep your body temperature to a consistent and suitable temperature, ensuring you sleep through the different stages of the cycle and receive a night of quality sleep. As a bonus, you may even notice an increase in your productivity and energy levels when you wake up and during the day.

Electric covers improve your mood

Can help improve your mood

When you feel cold, your body uses a lot of energy to stay warm, which can leave you feeling stressed and anxious. That’s because you’ve used a lot of your energy supply to keep your temperature at a consistent level. That on its own can have a pretty negative impact on your overall mood and energy.

However, if you use an electric blanket, your body won’t need as much energy to keep you warm, which in turn sends signals to your brain, letting it know you feel content and satisfied. By doing that you will feel more relaxed, and much happier and your mood would have improved.

Natural pain relief

Electric blankets can be highly beneficial for people who suffer from sciatica or arthritic pain. When applying a source of heat to somewhere on your body that is experiencing pain or has an injury, your body’s heat receptors cancel out the pain signals, leading to less pain.

Not only are they a great pain reliever, but they also help people to increase circulation and remain more flexible, which is another excellent reason why you should invest in one!

Safe to use

For years, people have always thought that electric blankets are a fire hazard, which was accurate for earlier models. Still, today’s heated blankets use low-voltage wiring, have multiple heat settings, and most have an overheating feature, that can turn the blanket off on its own. They are very safe for home use.

The newer models are perfectly safe to use if properly maintained. Most have removable covers that can be washed and kept clean but just to make sure, we recommend you read the manufacturer’s instructions.

Electric blankets are safe to use

Prevents the spread of dust mites

Last but surely not least, electric blankets can save you a lot of trouble when it comes down to dust mites. Often your bed is the perfect breeding ground for dust mites because they love moisture and your dead skin cells.

But an electric cover can reduce the number of mites by 50%, which is very impressive, especially for people who suffer from allergies.

Bottom line

Some people think that heated blankets can be used only on cold winter nights, but the truth is they can be extremely beneficial year-round. They come with therapeutic properties and sleep aid features that will improve the quality of your sleep, and your mood and reduce your pains and aches.

What more can you ask for from a bedding product? Don’t waste any more time and get yourself one. If you are struggling to choose one, we’ve created a useful list of the best electric blankets on the market today. If you think we missed something on the subject or if you have any questions and concerns, please drop us a line in the comments below, and we’d try to respond as soon as possible!