Are electric blankets safe? – Precautions & Tips

Is it that time of year again when you want to cosy up into your electric blanket and stay warm? There is a stereotype that implies that electric blankets are dangerous and are followed by …

are electric blankets safe

Is it that time of year again when you want to cosy up into your electric blanket and stay warm? There is a stereotype that implies that electric blankets are dangerous and are followed by fire hazards. However, they’ve massively improved over the last few years due to the safety features being implemented and faster heat-up times.

Just because brands have come up with new ways to design them doesn’t necessarily mean they are safe. Let’s find out in today’s guide on Are electric blankets safe?

Are electric blankets safe to use?

If you are reading this article, you’re probably wondering about one of the most common questions about electric blankets, which is whether it’s safe to leave them on overnight. Typically, a modern and well-maintained is blanket unlikely to cause problems if used correctly, it’s still not the best idea to keep them on all night unless they have overheating protection that allows them to turn off.

Generally, this type of blanket is used to warm up your bed before you get in. After you’re in bed, you should turn it off, unless it is a more sophisticated model with a timer. If you’re using one with manual switches, we don’t recommend leaving them on all night.

Electric blanket safety tips and precautions

are electric blankets safe?

As we’ve mentioned, modern heating blankets are considered generally safe, but that’s accurate only when they are used correctly. Now let’s get into more detail about safety tips and precautions you can take:

  • Don’t use it when wet
  • If the blanket is being used, don’t keep it on
  • Don’t use more than one heated blanket at the same time
  • It’s not recommended to use a heating pad and an electric blanket at once
  • Don’t your blanket into an electrical outlet that’s controlled by a light switch since it can accidentally switch on when not in use
  • Check if you can wash your electric blanket and how can you do that safely
  • Make sure you can dry-clean your heated blanket before you do so
  • Don’t keep it on throughout the night, if it doesn’t have a timer
  • Don’t put anything on top (piling items) of the blanket or cover it in any way
  • Try to keep it flat
  • When storing, you should gently roll it or hang it by making as few creases as possible

Are electric blankets safe for children?

Said simply, electric blankets are perfectly safe for children to use if they are of mature age and mindset. We mean that your child can’t use one if they are too small since there is a high likelihood of bedwetting, which can be dangerous.

Heated blankets come with wiring and controllers that could be damaged and cause a safety issue when soaked, meaning it wouldn’t be a good idea to cover your toddler in one. That’s not the only issue that can arise since your kid needs to be mature enough to use a controller appropriately.

Are electric blankets safe to use during pregnancy?

safe for a pregnant woman?

Electric blankets aren’t exactly safe during pregnancy because they generate non-ionizing radiation. There is a study showing that exposure to non-ionizing radiation can cause spontaneous abortion in rare cases. This study talks about the different miscarriage rates in groups of people who use heated blankets and ones that don’t.

We highly recommend you consult a professional before using an electric blanket during your pregnancy. If you want to minimize the risk of unsafe outcomes, you should avoid second-hand electric blankets or ones that are older than a couple of years. You should also check the blanket for tears, burns, or other damage that can cause issues and make sure that there aren’t any exposed heating wires or electrical cords.

Are electric blankets safe for those with diabetes?

There are some individuals with diabetes that might experience neuropathy, or nerve damage, which can occur due to high blood glucose levels. If this symptom happens to occur, you won’t be able to feel the actual heat level. That’s incredibly dangerous since it can lead to overheating or skin burns.

That’s why most doctors would advise against using an electric blanket or other forms of heating pads if you have diabetes. However, there is a way you can use it, and that’s by heating your bed before getting in and turning it off or removing it when it’s bedtime.

Are electric blankets safe for those with circulation issues?

circulation issues

If someone has circulation issues, a heated cover might not be safe. Just like with diabetes, a person with circulation issues may be less sensitive to heat levels and temperature in general. This can be a significant problem since it’s an essential role that the skin plays in thermoregulation.

That implies that heated products might potentially lead to burns as people may not feel them getting too hot. If you’re someone that insists on using one but has circulation issues, you should speak with a doctor to receive the green light.

Bottom line

Overall, modern electric blankets are a minimal safety risk, but old or improperly used ones can pose a risk of a fire hazard and overheating. They can have a potential negative impact on pregnant women, small children or individuals with certain health issues. However, they can be highly beneficial for the quality of your sleep, they can also improve your mood and reduce allergens. If you’re wondering what are some of the best electric blankets to buy, you can check out our selection on the link above!

Now it’s our turn to hear from you if any questions regarding the subject were left unanswered. If you want to share some information, we would gladly hear about it in the comments below.