Country Living Mattress Collection

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Introducing the exclusive Country Living mattress collection available only at LightSleeper in partnership with Dreams, where premium craftsmanship meets unparalleled comfort. Each mattress in this exquisite range is handcrafted with individual calico pocket springs, designed to move independently, providing exceptional support that contours precisely to your body. This meticulous design ensures a restful night’s sleep, with each spring responding to your body’s movements, offering personalized comfort and reducing partner disturbance.

Beyond the superior support, these mattresses boast deep comfort layers crafted from the finest natural materials, including sumptuous lambswool. This thoughtful inclusion enhances the mattress’s luxurious feel and offers natural temperature regulation. Enjoy the breathable benefits of lambswool, which keeps you refreshingly cool during the summer months and snugly warm as the winter chill sets in. With a Country Living mattress from Dreams, you’re not just investing in a mattress but embracing a year-round haven of comfort and quality.