Flaxby Mattresses

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Discover the epitome of luxurious, eco-friendly sleep with our Flaxby Collection at LightSleeper, your premier destination for premium bedding in the UK. Each Flaxby mattress is an exemplar of natural sophistication, brimming with home-grown hemp, flax, and the finest British wool, all responsibly sourced to ensure your peace of mind. Our mattresses are distinctively glue and foam-free, boasting natural fire retardancy without the reliance on FR chemicals. The incorporation of natural fibres not only cradles you in unrivalled comfort but also masterfully regulates your body temperature, promising a serene and refreshing sleep experience.

Embark on a journey to discover your perfect sleep companion within our Flaxby range. Whether your preference leans towards a plush, enveloping softness or a robust, supportive firmness, we have an array of choices to suit your unique needs. Delve into our selection of pillow-top mattresses for a luxuriously soft embrace, or opt for our pocket sprung varieties, available with an astounding 2475 or 8289 individual springs, for a sleep that’s as supportive as it is restful. For those seeking the latest in sleep technology, our exclusive DNAir mattresses offer enhanced airflow and temperature regulation, ensuring a cool, invigorating slumber.

At LightSleeper, we are dedicated to not just helping you find the perfect mattress but also ensuring a seamless transition to superior sleep. Our comprehensive guides and expert advice are designed to assist you in making an informed choice that aligns with your sleep preferences and lifestyle. And when it’s time to welcome your new Flaxby mattress, we’ll take care of your old one, providing a hassle-free, environmentally conscious disposal service. Step into LightSleeper, where your journey to dreamland begins with the perfect Flaxby mattress.