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At LightSleeper, we’re dedicated to providing exceptional sleep experiences through our expertly crafted, hand-made mattresses. Made with pride in our workshop, each mattress is hand-stitched and filled with premium fillings, allowing us to offer direct savings to our customers. Our commitment to quality is consistent across our range, from budget-friendly to luxury options, all undergoing thorough quality checks by our team. Offering a wide selection in all standard UK sizes, from Single to Super King, LightSleeper ensures there’s an ideal mattress for every sleeper, designed to meet diverse styles and needs.

Range Of Cheap Mattresses

Our mattress selection includes traditional open coil mattresses that deliver comfort and value, alongside advanced pocket sprung mattresses for those in search of enhanced support. The individual encapsulation of springs in our pocket sprung mattresses provides motion isolation, an excellent feature for couples. With various firmness levels and options from 1000 to 3000 pocket springs, our mattresses are designed to cater to a broad spectrum of personal support preferences and needs. For those requiring extra support, our orthopaedic mattresses offer firmer sleep surfaces and are crafted to keep the spine aligned, aiding in a more rejuvenating sleep.

LightSleeper also provides the opportunity to customise your mattress, giving you the freedom to select the fillings and specifications to create a bed that’s uniquely yours. Whether you’re choosing firmness, materials, or dimensions, our custom range allows you to design a mattress that suits your personal comfort preferences. At LightSleeper, we don’t just sell mattresses; we’re committed to ensuring a foundation for excellent sleep, recognising that quality, comfort, and individual preference are key to a restful night. Explore our extensive range of mattresses, designed to offer the perfect blend of affordability, quality, and personalised comfort, ensuring every LightSleeper customer wakes up feeling refreshed and revitalised.