Pocket Sprung Mattresses

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Improve Your Sleep with LightSleeper’s Pocket-Sprung Mattresses

Unmatched Support for Every Sleeper

Dive into the world of bespoke comfort with LightSleeper’s premium pocket-sprung mattresses, where individual springs work in harmony to offer tailored support and unparalleled comfort.

Designed with precision, each pocket spring moves independently, responding adeptly to your body’s contours and movements, providing a sleep experience that’s just right for you.

Available in a spectrum of sizes from the compact single to the luxurious super king size and in various firmness levels, our pocket-sprung mattresses are crafted to meet the diverse needs and preferences of every sleeper.

Advanced Design for Undisturbed Slumber

Ideal for couples, our pocket sprung mattresses ensure minimal motion transfer, so you can enjoy an undisturbed night’s rest, even if your partner tosses and turns.

The unique structure of pocket springs offers a stable sleeping surface that adapts to your body, providing optimal support and comfort throughout the night.

Whether you’re looking to enhance your bed with an orthopaedic mattress for targeted support or add a touch of luxury with a memory foam layer, LightSleeper has the perfect solution to create your dream sleep environment.

Tailored to Your Unique Sleeping Needs

LightSleeper’s range of pocket-sprung mattresses includes various options to suit your sleep requirements. From the responsive support of a 1000-pocket sprung mattress to the deluxe comfort of a 3000-pocket sprung model, we offer a selection that caters to your desired level of support and comfort.

Whether you prefer the plush feel of a soft mattress or the robust support of an extra firm option, our mattresses are designed to provide the perfect balance of comfort and support, ensuring a restorative and rejuvenating sleep.

Discover the Perfect Mattress for You

At LightSleeper, we believe that the right mattress is key to a great night’s sleep. Our pocket-sprung mattresses are available in an array of types, including luxurious hybrids that combine the benefits of pocket springs with the comfort of memory foam or latex.

Whether you’re seeking a mattress to alleviate back pain or one that offers cooling properties for a more comfortable sleep, LightSleeper’s expertly crafted range ensures that you’ll find the ideal mattress to suit your sleeping style and enhance your overall well-being.