TheraPur Mattresses

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TheraPur ActiGel® mattresses, expertly handcrafted in the UK and available exclusively at Dreams, redefine the concept of a restful night’s sleep. These mattresses incorporate innovative ActiGel technology, which features an open-cell structure providing both superior comfort and exceptional cooling properties, ensuring you stay comfortable throughout the night. With a variety of sizes and comfort grades available, TheraPur offers a tailored sleeping experience, aligning with individual needs and preferences to facilitate the perfect sleep environment.

The distinctive ActiGel layer in TheraPur mattresses sets them apart, offering the support and feel of memory foam but without common drawbacks such as heat retention and persistent odours. This patented technology ensures optimal airflow and moisture regulation within the mattress, promoting a clean, fresh, and cool sleeping surface night after night. Additionally, the use of hypoallergenic materials enhances the overall sleep experience by providing breathability, comfort, and support, making TheraPur mattresses a smart choice for those seeking quality and innovation in their sleep solutions.

Beyond the cutting-edge ActiGel technology, TheraPur mattresses also boast a range of other high-quality materials and features. The inclusion of pocket springs provides unparalleled support, adapting to your body to offer tailored pressure relief. With the combination of ActiGel and ActiBreeze technologies, exclusive to Dreams, TheraPur mattresses deliver a sleep experience that is not only comfortable but also conducive to maintaining an ideal body temperature. These attributes, coupled with their hypoallergenic properties, make TheraPur mattresses highly regarded, as reflected in their impressive consumer ratings, confirming their effectiveness in delivering a truly rejuvenating sleep experience.