TheraPur ActiGel¬Æ Polar 2600 u&i Mattress – 3’0 Motion Single



Experience Unparalleled Comfort with the Thera Pur Polar Acti Gel® 2600 Mattress

Luxury and Support Combined:

Introducing the Thera Pur Polar Acti Gel® 2600 mattress, a masterpiece of design that offers an exceptional balance of luxurious comfort and robust support. This mattress is your ultimate sleep solution, boasting a unique combination of advanced materials and technology. The heart of its comfort lies in the layered construction, featuring foam, Pur Fibre®, and Acti Gel® foam, all working synergistically to provide a sleep experience that’s both supportive and blissfully comfortable.

Innovative Design for a Cooler Sleep:

The Thera Pur Polar Acti Gel® 2600 goes beyond ordinary mattresses with its Acti Cool® knitted cover, specifically engineered to dissipate heat and promote a cooler sleeping environment. The mattress’s design includes a pillow top layer, adding an extra touch of luxury and a plush feel every time you lie down. Its hypoallergenic properties ensure a clean, healthy sleep surface, ideal for those sensitive to allergens.

Key Specifications:

  • Comfort Grade: Firm, catering to those who require substantial support.
  • Materials: Utilizes foam and Pur Fibre® for comfort, coupled with Acti Gel® foam for responsive, pressure-sensitive support.
  • Cover: Acti Cool® knitted cover, designed for optimal heat dispersion.
  • Pillow Top: Adds a luxurious feel and extra comfort layer.
  • Hypoallergenic: Ensures a clean and allergen-free sleeping environment.
  • Manufacturing: Proudly made in the UK.
  • Maintenance: Single-sided for easier care.
  • Guarantees: Comes with a 100-Night Comfort Guarantee and a 10-year warranty for peace of mind.

Why Choose the Thera Pur Polar Acti Gel® 2600 Mattress?

With its sophisticated design, the Thera Pur Polar Acti Gel® 2600 mattress is an ideal choice for anyone seeking a blend of firm support, luxurious comfort, and a cooler sleep experience. The strategic layering of innovative materials provides targeted pressure relief and contours precisely to your body, ensuring a restful and rejuvenating night’s sleep. Elevate your sleep experience and enjoy the benefits of cutting-edge sleep technology with the Thera Pur Polar Acti Gel® 2600 mattress.

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