Toddler Mattresses

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Ensuring your child’s comfort and safety is paramount, especially when it comes to selecting the perfect mattress for their toddler bed. Our toddler mattresses are designed not just for comfort but also to meet the dynamic needs of growing children, providing a restful sanctuary for their nightly slumbers. Measuring 140cm x 70cm, these mattresses are an ideal fit for cot beds, crafted to offer firm support and cozy comfort, aiding in the developmental needs of toddlers. The inclusion of breathable, pressure-relieving materials aids in their physical growth, while removable and machine-washable covers ensure that maintaining a clean and fresh sleeping environment is always hassle-free.

What sets our toddler mattresses apart is their meticulous design, incorporating features that cater to the specific needs of young children. They are water-repellent, preventing any spills or accidents from penetrating the surface, and hypoallergenic, ensuring the well-being of sensitive skin. Moreover, they are engineered to regulate temperature, maintain firmness for proper alignment, and come in various fillings—from fibre to traditional and pocket springs—to tailor to your child’s comfort needs. Transitioning from a cot to a toddler bed is a significant milestone, typically recommended between 12 to 18 months, but should be based on your child’s readiness. Our toddler beds, with their low frames and high sides, offer a safe and inviting space for your child, easing the transition and encouraging independence. For those beyond the toddler years, exploring our single kids’ bed options will ensure continued support and comfort as they grow.