Dreams Workshop Mattresses

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Since February 2003, the Dreams Workshop has been a beacon of British craftsmanship in mattress production, nestled in the heart of Oldbury, West Midlands. With over 150 skilled artisans, our workshop prides itself on handcrafting around 8,000 mattresses each week, a testament to our commitment to quality and expertise. Our Dreams Workshop mattresses are a symphony of comfort and innovation, offering a spectrum of comfort grades from plush to very firm, and an array of materials including springs, gel, and memory foam, ensuring a personalized sleep experience for every customer.

Beyond mattresses, the Dreams Workshop extends its craftsmanship to stylish divan bases and elegant headboards, available in a plethora of colours and fabric finishes to complement any bedroom decor. Our divan bases, designed with practicality and aesthetics in mind, feature a variety of underbed storage options, including drawers and ottoman designs. Our headboards, ranging from statement-making to classic styles, are tailored to match our divan bases, creating a harmonious and inviting bedroom setting. At Dreams, we harness the latest technology and finest materials to ensure that every product, from mattresses to headboards, stands as a benchmark of quality and comfort in your home.